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HAL Documents

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HAL System Literature


Guides, Manuals, Data Sheets and HAL Notes.

For best results in viewing and printing, use Acrobat (Adobe) Reader version 8 or higher.

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High-resolution JPGs

JPG HAL1x front panel photo JPG HAL1x rear panel photo
JPG EXP1x front panel photo JPG EXP1x rear panel photo
JPG EXP2x front panel photo JPG EXP2x rear panel photo
JPG EXP3x front panel photo JPG EXP3x rear panel photo
JPG EXP5x front panel photo JPG EXP5x rear panel photo
JPG EXP7x front panel photo JPG EXP7x rear panel photo
JPG HAL2 front panel photo JPG HAL2 rear panel photo
JPG HAL3s front panel photo JPG HAL3s rear panel photo
JPG HAL4 front panel photo JPG HAL4 rear panel photo
JPG DR1 white graphic JPG DR1 black graphic
JPG DR2 white graphic JPG DR2 Black graphic
JPG DR3 white graphic JPG DR3 black graphic
JPG DR4 front panel photo JPG DR4 rear panel photo
JPG DR5 front panel photo JPG All DRs 1,2,3,4,5.6 in one graphic
JPG DR6 photo white background JPG DR6 photo black background
JPG All RADs in one graphic JPG All White RADs in one graphic
JPG PAGER1 photo JPG PAGER1 graphic top
JPG RAD1 white graphic JPG RAD1 black graphic
JPG RAD2 white graphic JPG RAD2 black graphic
JPG RAD3 white graphic JPG RAD3 black graphic
JPG RAD4 white graphic JPG RAD4 black graphic
JPG RAD5 white graphic JPG RAD5 black graphic
JPG RAD6 white graphic JPG RAD6 black graphic
JPG RAD7 white graphic JPG RAD7 black graphic
JPG RAD8 white graphic JPG RAD8 black graphic
JPG RAD9 white graphic JPG RAD9 black graphic
JPG RAD11 white graphic JPG RAD11 black graphic
JPG RAD12 white graphic JPG RAD12 black graphic
JPG RAD14 white graphic JPG RAD14 black graphic
JPG RAD15 white graphic JPG RAD15 black graphic
JPG RAD16 photo front JPG RAD16 photo back
JPG RAD16z photo front JPG RAD16z photo back
JPG RAD17 photo front JPG RAD17 back graphic
JPG RAD18 white graphic JPG RAD18 black graphic
JPG RAD23 white graphic JPG RAD23 black graphic
JPG RAD24 photo JPG RAD24 back graphic
JPG RAD26 front graphic JPG RAD26 back graphic
JPG RAD26 front photo JPG RAD26 back photo
JPG RAD27 white graphic JPG RAD27 black graphic
JPG AM1 photo front JPG AM1 photo back
JPG AM2 photo front JPG AM2 photo back
JPG Halogen Hardware Workspace JPG Halogen Processing Workspace
JPG Halogen Paging Manager JPG Halogen Room Combiner
JPG Halogen Logo JPG Halogen Web Across Devices
  • All are 240 ppi JPGs at actual size or larger.
  • Windows: right-click on the link to save.
  • Mac: click-hold on the link to save.

Direct Product Links


Discontinued HAL Product Links


Open Source Software


These links take you directly to the page and open the panel for each HAL product.

A listing of open source software used in these products is also provided.

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