Rane Sales Policies

Buyer Beware

Please beware that there are companies on the Internet who misrepresent themselves as being authorized dealers for Rane products.

To insure that you receive full value for your investment, please consider the following:

  • Verify that the company you are dealing with is an authorized dealer
    • in the US check directly with us (email: info@rane.com or phone: 401-659-8192)
    • international: check with your in-country distributor.
  • We have been receiving increasing reports of customers who have purchased Rane products without serial numbers. Please be aware that we cannot warranty any products without serial numbers as we have no way of knowing if they are legitimate, counterfeit or stolen.
  • Some units with serial numbers may also be fakes. When in doubt, contact us with the serial number and the dealer name and we can confirm whether or not it is a real Rane product that can be covered under warranty.
  • Rane products are warranted in the country in which they are purchased. If a Rane product originates from a US dealer, that product must be returned to the US to be covered under warranty. If you purchased a unit in another country, the unit will need to be returned to that country in the event that you need to have the unit repaired under warranty.

We want you to have a great experience with our products. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us prior to your purchase and we will be pleased to be of assistance.

eBay™ Notice

If you received a notice from eBay™ stating that your auction was removed, please read the following official statement:

Dear Sir or Madam:

Rane ("Rane") is the exclusive manufacturer of Rane® professional audio products.

Rane is in receipt of your inquiry as to why your eBay auction was suspended. Rane is a member of the eBay VeRO Program and strictly enforces proper use of its trademarks, services marks, and copyrights.

Rane has expended considerable resources to develop and maintain a reputation for providing the highest quality products and services to its customers. In an effort to protect and preserve its intellectual property rights, Rane regularly monitors the Internet, including auction sites, in order to address the infringement of our rights.

Through the auction of improperly represented merchandise, or the unauthorized use of Rane’s trademarks and copyrights, posters attempt to trade off of Rane's well-earned reputation. These auctions not only cause monetary damage, but also damage Rane's reputation. In order to protect Rane's consumers, as well as the Rane brand and reputation, Rane must be vigilant in protecting the goodwill associated with the Rane name and must take action to ensure that online infringing auctions are ended.

If you have received a notification from eBay that you must withdraw your auction, it is because we believe that your unauthorized auction of a product unfairly trades upon Rane's goodwill. Your auction was suspended for one or more of the following reasons:

  • If you are not a Rane authorized dealer, your auction constitutes an unauthorized sale of new Rane products.
  • Your auction constitutes an unauthorized resale of Rane products obtained from an authorized dealer.
  • Your auction violates Rane's MAP policy.
  • Your auction constitutes an unauthorized importation of a Rane product.
  • Your auction offers new Rane software for sale in violation of a license.
  • Your auction fails to disclose to potential buyers material differences in goods sold to the United States market and those sold outside the United States.
  • Your auction fails to disclose to consumers appropriate warranty terms, or lack thereof.
  • Your auction constitutes theft of Rane intellectual property as it includes counterfeit or "cracked" (illegally unlocked/modified, license bypassed, and/or duplicated) software.
  • Your auction constitutes copyright infringement because it is a recreation of copyrighted materials (i.e., photos, text or CDs or vinyl containing control signals from our products).
  • Your auction constitutes trademark infringement as you are using the Rane trademark without authorization.
  • Your auction implies an association or affiliation with Rane as you are directly linking to, or directing users to its website (www.rane.com) without authorization.
  • Your auction constitutes copyright infringement as you are incorporating copyrighted images from our website (www.rane.com) or from Printed Material.

Please be advised that Rane values its intellectual property and takes its protection seriously. Any auctions, or offers for sale, that infringe upon, or violate Rane’s rights, will be pursued.

Sincerely yours,

If you bought a Rane product on eBay advertised as new and it arrived without a serial number:

  • It did not come from an authorized dealer.
  • In which case you have the option of using eBay’s Buyer Protection Program. They may be able to correct the problem.
  • Rane does not warrant any products without serial numbers.

Sales & Distribution

Rane ("Rane") is the exclusive manufacturer for Rane® brands of professional audio equipment and is the exclusive worldwide distributor for Rane products. The distribution of Rane products occurs under country-specific agreements, and depending on the products in question, may involve products developed solely for certain countries or regions. As a result, warranty coverage is honored only on a country-specific basis, associated uniquely with the country in which the product was first intended to be sold. For example, products that are intended for retail sale in Canada must be returned to Canadian authorized service centers for warranty repair -- Rane does not honor any non-US originating warranties. Therefore, purchasers of Rane products through third party auction sites like eBay™ should be aware of the country of origin of any Rane product they purchase. Within the United States, Rane distributes Rane professional audio equipment only through networks of authorized retailers. The Rane name and trademarks are synonymous with top quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Each authorized retailer must meet Rane's quality requirements to become, and to remain, authorized. Rane strictly controls the distribution of Rane brand products, and thus the right to use the Rane name, or Rane's trademarks, including its distinctive logo, in connection with the sale of Rane products is likewise restricted. Only authorized dealers may sell new Rane products via on-line third party auction sites, such as eBay™. Therefore it is false and misleading for an auction seller to claim to have "New" or "Brand New" or "New In The Box" ("NIB") Rane products for sale because it suggests that the seller is authorized by Rane to sell the product, and it suggests that the purchaser will receive the full array of Rane support that customers can expect from an authorized dealer. For example, it is false and misleading to claim that the Rane factory warranty will apply to products purchased through eBay unless purchased from an authorized dealer. The foregoing claims using Rane trademarks in a manner calculated to deceive consumers, and are strictly prohibited. In addition, Rane is the owner of the copyrights in all pictures, text and graphics on the Rane website. Rane is aware that unauthorized sellers often promote the sale of Rane products by unlawfully copying some or all of these protected materials. Again, such copying is strictly prohibited by federal law, and will not be tolerated by Rane. If you have any concern about whether a particular seller is authorized by Rane, in the US check directly with us via email or phone 425.355.6000, and for international, check with us to find your in-country distributor here.