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The Rane Logo

Rane Logo Proper Use

Typography. Rane is a word to be written in title case. It is not initials or capital letters (though the logo implies this...do not use RANE).

Logo - Company Identity. The logo serves as the company name as well as the brand for most of Rane's product line, and exists to create a consistent, innovative and differentiating visual identity. Rane's logo is an excellent example of design. It is short, unique, bold, pronounceable, easy to remember and conforms nicely to the preferred shape. (For maximum visual impact, a logo should be rectangular with roughly a 2.25:1 ratio; the Rane logo agrees well at 2.8:1). Exclusivity and legal protection are assured by the logo being a registered trademark in the U.S.A. & 13 other countries. Following a few essential rules will preserve the strength and originality of the logo. The strict respect of these principles will allow the logo to maintain a strong and consistent image. These rules apply to all logo appearances, whether on product, stationery, business cards, publications, advertising, clothes, merchandise, exhibitions, signs, electronic media, or the Internet.

Consistent Use. The rule is consistent identity and execution. Being consistent over time with respect to the logo's identity and visual imagery is a key to creating a strong brand. Consistency builds an effective identity whose execution endures and does not become obsolete and/or tired. This results in consistency of meaning and message through time that provides the ownership of a position and an identity symbol, all of which combine to provide a formidable competitive advantage.

Rane Logo. The logo appears below. When reproducing the logo, it is essential to use the reference master, available in electronic format, downloadable here or supplied by Rane.

Color. The logo is a single solid color. There is no preferred color; however, maximum contrast should always determine the choice. The logo is dark when used on a light background, and light when used on a dark background, i.e., the reverse image is used and the logo is changed to a solid light color. For CMYK printing, Rane typically prints in either 100% black, or a mix of 100% Cyan, 0%M, 0%Y, and 50% black. RGB values to produce a web-safe blue are R=0, G=102, B=153. Again, these values are not required, but are the colors Rane typically uses.

Minimum Clear Space. In order to maintain the visual integrity of the logo, it must always be surrounded by a minimum amount of free space called the minimum clear space. No other graphic element or text may intrude in this space. The minimum clear space is shown below, and defined as 1/4 h for the top and sides, and 1/10 h for the bottom, where h is the height of the logo.

Rane logo

Placement. Never use the logo in headlines or in textual form. The logo is always set apart from everything else.

No Changes. The logo must not be changed in any way. For example, do not

  • modify the font
  • modify the spacing
  • use the logo in italics
  • use the logo in script
  • frame the logo
  • underline the logo
  • distort the logo...never compress or stretch
  • use the logo vertically
  • use the logo as a creative design element

The above list is not meant to be exclusive, but rather illustrates types of prohibited changes.

The Rane Registered Trademark

Windows: right-click on an image to save to your hard drive. Mac: hold-click to save.

Web logos. Use one of these if you would like a GIF with white matting.

rane blue logorane blue logo

Use this GIF if you need a white logo with black matting for a dark background:rane white logo

Vector logos for print. EPS files can be opened in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and most professional graphics programs. When you open a vector EPS, your program allows you to scale to any size your printer can print, keeping the edges sharp. If you are looking for an AI file, download and open the EPS version. If you absolutely need AI, a blue one is downloadable below (CS3 and higher), which you can re-color.

Rane Logo - Blue EPS

Rane Logo - Black EPS

Rane Logo - White EPS

Rane Logo - Blue AI

Rane Logo - Black WMF (scaleable MS Word clip art format)

JPG logo (high resolution). If your program can't read EPS or AI, here's a JPG that's 1495 x 529 pixels. Please keep the aspect ratio locked when placing.

Rane Logo - Black JPG (white background)

For different formats, email Jeff at Rane. Please be specific about resolution and print size if you can't open an EPS and need something else.

An indispensible writing guide for professional audio is the "Rane Style Guide" by Dennis A. Bohn.

Rane DJ Logos

Rane DJ logo 2016

The 2016 Rane DJ logo can be either white on a colored background, or colored on a white background. Recommended colors are included in the swatches. Four designs are available on four artboards in one file for Adobe Illustrator CS5 and later. The logo and background are on different layers, so turning off the background will make it transparent. This file can also be opened in Photoshop CS5 and later by selecting the Page and then setting the Image Size to your needs:

Rane DJ Logo 2016 AI download (scalable vector)

Rane DJ logo 2014

The 2014 Rane DJ logo is in color, several sizes available in a zip.

Rane DJ Logos 2014 - full color, Illustrator format, various aspects, ZIP file.

For different formats, email Jeff at Rane. Please be specific about resolution and print size if you need something else.