Rane Mission

Although you will seldom find it published, a manufacturer's philosophy is indeed built into every product. We believe that true quality is in the details. It's seen in the painstakingly chosen precision components, in the neat and solid construction, in the comprehensive manuals, and most importantly in the care and concern of the dedicated people at Rane that make it all happen.

Manufacturers will always make claims, but the real truth is proven with time, in the hands of countless users. In the end, you are the best judge. Whatever your requirements, make sure you choose a product for its quality and reputation--it's worth it. And if it's a piece of Rane gear, we're confident you'll derive as much personal satisfaction in using it as we have from creating it.

Corporate Mission Statement

The mission of Rane is to be a recognized leader in every market served, and to do so profitably while remaining consistent with our core values.

Rane Corporate Values


Necessary and mandatory for success; independent of size or growth, but not at any price. Rane believes that incorporating the following values into everyday practice creates maximum employee enjoyment and pride in their job, and that that produces the best possible product, at the most profitable cost, with the greatest customer satisfaction.

Product Values


  • Design genuine solutions to real problems -- don't use gimmickry.
  • Make Rane products a great value and pleasure to use.
  • Publish honest specs, with honest representation by all parties.

Quality & Durability

  • Design & manufacture for the maximum possible quality and the longest possible life fitting the application.
  • Never compromise the quality of a product for a price-point -- leave that for the competition.


  • Make Rane products the smartest solution for each problem -- avoid innovation for innovation's sake.
  • Produce better solutions by knowing the customer's needs better than the competition.

Design or Production Problems

  • Never ignore or penny-pinch problems; always react quickly, decisively and efficiently.
  • Fixing problems quickly ensures customer acceptance, product longevity and lowers support costs.

Corporate Identity, Integrity and Culture

  • Treat people the way you want to be treated -- respect customers, employees and the products.
  • Take pride in Rane: be able to walk a trade show without feeling the need to avoid reps, dealers, or end-users.
  • Strive for excellence in all things and be dedicated to highest ethical standards.
  • Elevating those we do business with elevates Rane.
  • Create an image that customers want to be a part of.
  • Maintain complete honesty in all dealings - never allow secret clubs or programs.
  • Use straightforward plain language in all dealings and scrupulously be legal in all dealings.
  • Always work to enhance understanding and communication between reps, dealers, employees & end-users.
  • Ensure that people enjoy doing business with Rane.
  • Follow through on all commitments but make our efforts and difficulties transparent to the customer.
  • Pay everybody everything owed and on time.
  • Contribute to our industry.

Customer Education and Service

  • Be the leader in providing customer information, education and service.
  • Be the company that is willing to take the time and spend the money to explain the problem and our solution.
  • Support reps & dealers with timely shipping, new & up-dated lit, aggressive advertising & all technical help.
  • Never ignore a customer's request and always get back to them in a timely manner.