HAL3 Multiprocessor

HAL3 Multiprocessor
HAL3 Multiprocessor

A HAL3 Multiprocessor supports 4 in x 8 out audio, with 2 in x 6 out on balanced analog connections, and another 2 in x 2 out digitally through a RAD. The two analog Inputs are Line / Line-Plus capable. In addition to supporting balanced line inputs, this configuration allows a stereo pair connection to an input, converting to a single L+R mono signal.

  • Same specs as the HAL3s except for inputs and outputs
  • 2 analog Line-Plus Inputs on Euroblock connectors (green area)
    • *“Line-Plus” Inputs accept a balanced line, or mono left & right unbalanced lines, configured in Halogen software.
  • 6 analog balanced line outputs on Euroblock connectors (orange area)
  • 1 RAD Port, 2 in x 2 out plus control channel (blue areas)
  • 4 Digital Remote Ports (brown and blue areas) [DR can connect to RAD port]

HAL3 Inputs and Outputs

HAL3 inputs and outputs

HAL3s Inputs and Outputs

HAL3s inputs and outputs

Rane has replaced the HAL3 model with the updated HAL3s. The HAL3s does everything the HAL3 does, and more!

  • New analog Mic/Line-Plus input stage adds support for 2 microphone inputs, with or without 48 V phantom power.
  • Additional RAD port: one DR port becomes a RAD port. This makes the HAL3s a 6-input, 10-output DSP (the HAL3 was 4 x 8). More audio channels means more applications solved.
  • 10 dB quieter: the dynamic range is improved 10 dB — now with 108 dB dynamic range!
  • Best of all, the new HAL3s has the same price as the HAL3 (contact your dealer, representative or distributor).

Note that your existing HAL3 software configuration files are not compatible with the new HAL3s. This means system designers should either create brand new HAL3s files to use with the new model, or copy and paste all the HAL3 DSP blocks and wires into a new HAL3s file. Then recreate links, presets or paging management settings. You’ll find HAL3s support in the latest version of Halogen software.

The new HAL3s Multiprocessor is shipping now!