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HAL4 Multiprocessor

This product has been discontinued
HAL4 Multiprocessor
HAL4 Multiprocessor

The HAL4 is a stand-alone 2X2 Halogen replacement for the popular DragNet RPM2 with four-times the processing power, improved digital remote and Web Control options, simplified linking and improved preset recall capability. It solves just about every signal processing problem found in one or two rooms.

The HAL4 is a 2-Input, 2-Output drag-and-drop DSP device for Halogen software. Inputs are Line / Line-Plus / Mic / Mic+48V capable. In addition to supporting balanced line and microphone inputs, this configuration allows a stereo pair connection to an input, converting to a single L+R mono signal. Standard balanced outputs are provided.

A single DR port provides support for preset recall, level control and select functions using a DR1, DR2 or DR3. If more logic ins and outs are needed for pots, switches or external indicators, a DR4 or DR5 may be added.

  • DSP contains 2100 MIPS of processing power
  • Ethernet 1000BASE-T with Zeroconf service discovery protocol for easy set up
  • 2 analog Line-Plus Inputs on Euroblock connectors (green)
    • *“Mic / Line-Plus” Inputs accept a balanced mic, line, or mono left & right unbalanced lines, configured in Halogen software.
    • 48V phantom power available for a condenser mic input.
  • 2 analog balanced line outputs on Euroblock connectors (orange)
  • Front panel signal and overload indicators for both inputs and outputs
  • One Digital Remote Port
    • RJ-45 shielded CAT 5e connections up to 300 meters (1000 feet)
      • The DR6 touchscreen has a 100 meter distance limit.
  • Unit Size: 1U, 1.75"H x 19"W x 8.25"D (4.4 cm x 48.3 cm x 20.9 cm)
  • Unit Weight: 5 lb (2.2 kg)

Digital Remotes

Three Digital Remotes simplify end user control and eliminate installer brain fatigue. Use Digital Remotes for volume control, preset recall, source selection, or resetting or toggling system states. All offer customizable backlit LCD screens for intuitive end user labeling. Home run shielded CAT 5e (or better) connections to a HAL or EXP eliminate addressing, external power, and the need to test the cables. Each is available in white, ivory or black, and fit in standard electrical boxes.

  • The DR1 supports Level Control.
  • The DR2 offers Single Selector or List of Toggles/Commands behavior.
  • The DR3 has three behaviors: Single Level & List of Toggles/Commands, List of Levels for either multizone volume control and/or input source mixing, and Single Level plus Selector.

The DR4 Logic I/O Expander adds more logic to any HAL for external switches and pots:

  • 8 Logic Inputs, Internal 5V pull-up.
  • 8 Logic Outputs for relay drive, LED or logic level output.
  • 8 Analog Control ADC inputs for potentiometers.
  • 6 IR Ports for IR2 wall sensors.

The DR5 Switch Controller adds more logic to any HAL, accepting external switches and driving LEDs on a room combine panel.

The DR6 is a fully customizable touchscreen remote for the HAL family. It supports multiple pages or tabs and any set of levels, toggles, selectors and/or commands on the 7-inch LCD display.

All Digital Remotes

Ethernet, RAD and DR Cable Lengths

CAT5e cable lengths

The maximum length for CAT 5e cable between ethernet devices is 100 meters.

Shielded CAT 5e between a HAL or EXP and a RAD (carrying 4 channels of digital audio) can run up to 150 meters.

Shielded CAT 5e between a HAL or EXP and a DR (carrying control information) can run up to 300 meters.

It is possible to extend these lengths by increasing distance between the HAL and Expanders. Up to 32 Expanders can daisy-chain from a single HAL, and each can be up to 100 meters apart. For greater distance, off-the shelf Gbit Ethernet media converters are supported. Multimode fiber can run up to 2 kilometers, and singlemode fiber can run up to 12 kilometers.

Background Music System Examples

2-source background music sound system

Simply put, the HAL4 has a ton of DSP horsepower. Combine this with the flexibility of drag and drop system design and the HAL4 fits a variety of applications, simple or complex. Such as:

  • A 2-channel Graphic Equalizer using Rane's Perfect-Q technology. Store and recall different EQ curves using presets.
  • Add several bands of parametric filters for precise EQ.
  • Add a limiter on each output for speaker protection.
  • Add compression or AGC for dynamics control.
  • Give one of the inputs Priority for automatic source selection.

voice-detect paging system

It's easy to make a small restaurant or office system with two zones with presets for source selection. Replace one of the line sources with a paging mic and now you have a simple two-zone music/paging system. Halogen makes it easy to set up emergency paging, adjust the ducking, eliminate feedback, and configure a backlit DR remote or Web Controls so anyone can easily control the system from a tablet or smartphone.

HAL4 in Halogen

Common device use includes combinations of: Graphic and Parametric EQ • Feedback Suppression • Ambient Noise Compensation • AGC- Compression- Limiting • Delay • Paging • Mixing • 2-Zone remote volume control • Browser control from tablet or smart phone.