MLM82S Mic & Line Mixer front

MLM82S Mic and Line Mixer

  • Four balanced Mic/Line Inputs (XLR) with:
    • 15V phantom power
    • Bi-color signal present / overload indicators
    • Trimless mic stage preamplifiers
    • A / A+B / B Assign Switch
  • Four Balanced Stereo Line Inputs (1/4" TRS) with:
    • Independent Mono switch
    • 12 dB of line gain
  • Two balanced Outputs (XLR) with:
    • Independent Overload indicators
    • Independent Level controls
    • Internal pad for Mic level output

MLM82S Mic and Line Mixer

MLM 82S BlockThe Rane MLM82S features four balanced, studio grade, Mono Mic/Line Inputs with XLR jacks and 15 VDC phantom power. Each of the four Mic/Line Inputs may be assigned to the A, the A+B or the B Outputs. Independent Level/Gain Trim controls and Signal/Overload indicators are provided for each Mic/Line Input. The Phantom Power switch and the Mic / Line switches are located on the rear panel. Phantom power is removed from any Input set for Line operation.

The MLM82S also features four stereo line level inputs with 12 dB of line gain. Each Stereo Line Input features a recessed Mono switch with indicator and Level control. These Inputs may also be used with four Mono A Inputs and four Mono B Inputs. You get the picture… this mixer is very versatile.

A and B Output Level controls set the master mix level independently for A and B Outputs. The mix amplifiers feature independent overload indicators. To correct any overload condition, the entire mix can be reduced and/or individual Input Levels adjusted. A and B mix Outputs each have an internal switch for padding the output signal to Mic level. The factory default is Line level.

With features like Mic-Line A / A+B / B Assign switches, independent Stereo Line Input Mono switches and additional line gain, the MLM82S is one of the most versatile mixers in its class. It is ideal for installations requiring ease of use, compact size, low cost, high performance and security. Applications include, but not limited to, hotels, conference rooms, schools and rental sound systems.

Block Diagram

MLM82S block diagram

MLM82S Musician Application

MLM82S keyboard and mic mixer

The MLM82S can be a compact mixer for 4 mics and 4 stereo keyboards right into an amplifier. It can also be a local sub-mixer for a larger system output to a console in a theater. The studio-grade specifications of the MLM82S are perfectly clean and ideal for sub-mixing, recording and post-production. To connect to mic-input consoles, the XLR outputs can be switched from Line level to Mic level with internal switches.

MLM82S Boardroom Application

MLM82S boardroom sound system

The Mic / Line Assign switches and independent Mono switches for each of the Stereo Line Inputs make the MLM82S a true, dual-zone capable mixer. The Outputs may be thought of as two independent rooms or a single stereo meeting room. In this example, when a mic is switched to "B" on the front panel, it is only sent to the output teleconference audio feed. The line sources, with Mono switches on, are heard in both locations.

This system can also serve as a 2-room combine by replacing the Teleconference output with a second powered speaker or ceiling array for the other end of a room. Each mic can be switched to be heard in Room A, B or both.

MLM82S Literature

Each unit is shipped with a booklet containing all of the above, the RaneNote "Sound System Interconnection," Declaration of Conformity, and Rane's 2+ Year Warranty information.

MLM82S Support

If the above doesn't answer your question:
Phone the Rane Factory at 425-355-6000, 8:30 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday to Friday.
Email is answered most weekdays from the Rane Factory Contacts.

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