HAL Applications

Voice-Detect Page Over Music using a HAL4

This system provides background music for two separate zones, applicable in a retail store, restaurant, office, school gym or cafeteria. These are the requirements:

  • There is one radio receiver or streaming music audio source for background music.
  • A control needs to direct the page to the proper zone, and control the page volume.
  • The mic has an on-off switch (Shure SM58S, Sennheiser e835S, etc.)

This can be accomplished with:

  • (1) HAL4 Multiprocessor
  • (1) DR3 Remote near the mic so the page zone can be chosen and the mic level adjusted.
  • The system can use either powered speakers, amplifiers and speakers, or a combination of both.
  • Optional Windows® PC running Halogen may be used to fine-tune volumes, mic threshold, and other settings.

voice-detect paging over music in two rooms

All of the DSP required for automatic voice detection, mic paging and ducking, room equalization, speaker protection and Level control is included in the HAL4. Each output has a limiter to protect the speaker, and each zone is preset with a maximum loudness. The audio source is wired to the Line-Plus inputs on the HAL4, which sums the left and right signals into mono.

The "Active/Inactive" toggle from the Voice Detect Block is linked to the Paging Station "Talk" input. When the input on the Voice Detect block crosses the input threshold, the page will start. An on/off switch on the mic insures against accidental paging.

The Halogen Paging Manager connects the Paging Station block to the two Paging Zones. Page Mic 1 can currently page into Zone 1, Zone 2 or both simultaneously.

A DR3 remote selector is linked to the Paging Station selector, so a user may choose which zones are receiving a page. A DR3 remote level is linked to the Page Level so a user may adjust the volume of the page (in all zones).

This system could serve a single zone wired for stereo music, where Left is Zone 1 and Right is Zone 2. A DR1 remote could substitute the DR3 to only control volume.