HAL Applications

Small Restaurant and Bar Background Music with Paging using a HAL3s

This system provides background music and paging for 2 primary zones in a restaurant, bar, or retail store, using these requirements:

  • The Lounge has stereo speakers on each side of a single large screen TV above the bar. A cable TV receiver and an internet music service are the only two program sources. The manager wants stereo audio at the bar for music and games. Audio selection and and TV controls are made at the bar.
  • The Restaurant has two speakers with a mono mix of the same program for background music. A dedicated remote sets the volume in the restaurant so a waiter can easily turn audio up or down.
  • The men's and women's restrooms each have a mono speaker using the same mono feed from the restaurant at a reduced volume.
  • A host/receptionist needs to be able to page using these three scenarios: Page All, Restaurant Only, Lounge Only.
  • Source and volume levels in the Restaurant and Bar need quick and easy access. Other zones will need control without calling the installer.
  • The establishment is small enough to avoid music license fees by meeting these requirements.

This can be accomplished with:

  • (1) HAL3s Multiprocessor
  • (1) PAGER1 Paging Station for the front desk
  • (1) RAD6 with RCA Stereo Inputs and Outputs in the Bar
  • (1) DR3 Remote in the Bar
  • (1) DR1 Remote in the Restaurant
  • (4) Amplifier channels for the mono zones and good powered stereo speakers in the Bar.

Restaurant and Bar Music System

All of the DSP required for paging, distributed background music selection, stereo to mono mix, equalization, and Level control is included in the HAL3s. Each of the six outputs drives one speaker, so each output has a limiter. Three Zone Processors are used in Halogen: one for the Bar Left channel, one for the Bar Right channel, and one for the Restaurant and Restrooms Mono channel. 3-band tone controls are provided for each of these areas. The DR3 Level controls are linked to both left and right Zone Processor levels.

The manager has access to source and volume controls from the web browser in a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The additional restroom zone volumes can be adjusted here without the expense of another wall remote control.

Smartphone Restaurant Sound System Control

Alternative System #1: An all-mono system with 3 audio inputs. This could eliminate the need for the RAD6 depending on equipment placement. Mono operation would remove one Zone Processor in Halogen. The Line-Plus Inputs can make a mono signal into the HAL3s using the unbalanced left and right signals from consumer audio equipment (RCA connections).

Alternative System #2: Two more zones. There are two leftover HAL3s outputs that can provide future expansion (line outputs 5 and 6). Additional zones can be created for the kitchen, an outdoor patio, or subwoofers in the bar. The subwoofers would require inserting 2-way crossovers in the processing map, a very easy process.

The system has two stereo source inputs:

  • An internet music service with a business account connects to HAL3s line inputs 1 & 2.
  • Cable TV in the bar connects to the RAD6 inputs. The RAD6 outputs connect to the powered bar music speakers.