HAL Applications

Bar with 3 Zones and Web Controls using a HAL2

This system provides access to the bar or pub sound system on the manager's smartphone. Any employee with the right web IP address and password can access the controls through a phone's web browser. This screen controls five music sources and volume for three different areas. In this case, we have an upstairs bar, a downstairs pub and a fair-weather patio. There are five sources: a jukebox, a satellite music service, a jack for the headphone output of a phone or MP3 player, a pair of XLR jacks for a musician or DJ to plug into downstairs, and another pair of jacks for a musician or DJ to plug into upstairs.

A wallplate in the manager's office has an XLR connection for a mic with a built-in switch. When the mic is switched on, it is heard in all three zones as any music automatically turns down. This could be used for last call, paging an employee, or emergencies such as a Fiat with its lights on. When the mic switches off, music returns to the previous volume. This wallplate has a 3.5 mm mini phone plug input for the audio jack from an MP3 player or phone, and RCA connectors for other devices like a CD player.

For safety, Logic inputs provide a contact closure wired to the fire alarm system that automatically mute all music in the building in case of an alarm.

Controls for the smartphone are easy to use and simplify operating the sound system. Names, colors, layout and sizes are easily customized in Halogen software. Even the bar logo is displayed. Templates for most popular phones and tablets are included in Halogen to help layout control screens for your intended mobile device.

This system can be accomplished with:

  • (1) HAL2 Multiprocessor
  • (2) RAD3 Dual XLR Line Input (for guest musicians. Jacks are wall-mounted upstairs and downstairs.)
  • (1) RAD2 Mic Input and Line Input (in the office for an all-page mic and audio input for an iPod/phone.)
  • (3) Amplifier channels, using either amplifiers or good powered speakers in the three zones.
  • (1) Sub channel using a powered subwoofer downstairs.

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