HAL Applications

Auditorium with Web Controls using a HAL2

This system provides music, theater and presentation audio for an auditorium, lecture hall, meeting room, church, or any multipurpose room. This system showcases Halogen Web Controls, allowing audio system control from a laptop or tablet. This system works in a building with an auditorium, a lobby and an overflow room, that receives audio from an auxiliary source and one of the two microphones in the main auditorium. The Web Controls allow a sound tech to adjust levels, change the microphone EQ, and change the mix for each of the three rooms from anywhere. The "Mix Panel" and "Input Control" buttons at the bottom right switch between the two screens in any web browser. Names, colors, layout and sizes are easily customized in Halogen software. The room has three zones: auditorium, lobby and overflow room. This can be accomplished with:

  • (1) HAL2 Multiprocessor
  • (2) RAD3 Dual XLR Line Input
  • (1) RAD6 Line Inputs and Line Outputs
  • (4) Amplifier channels, using either amplifiers or good powered speakers.

Halogen Web Controls for Lecture Hall

Halogen Web Controls for Lecture Hall

Here's the Halogen Control Page Designer that made the screens. At the bottom left, select from many popular devices to design and preview your controls.

Halogen Control Page Designer

Here's the wiring diagram and floor plan for the auditorium, lobby and overflow rooms.

Auditorium, lobby and overflow wiring diagram