HAL Applications

Boardroom with AEC and 12 Mics using a HAL1x

This system provides 11 table mics and one podium mic with AEC (acoustic echo cancelling), along with presentation audio, far end audio, and an easy remote control for a conference meeting room or boardroom. This can be accomplished with:

  • (1) HAL1x Multiprocessor
  • (1) EXP5x Expander mounted under the table for the mic inputs.
  • (2) EXP7x Expanders to provide AEC for all 12 mics.
  • (1) RAD2 in the podium with mic and aux line inputs.
  • (1) RAD27 in the podium for USB audio to and from a laptop.
  • (1) DR3 in the podium to control source and volume.
  • (3) Amplifier channels or good powered speakers.

Conference Room Sound System Floor Plan

There are a couple advantages to mounting the EXP5x Input Expander under the table instead of in the rack with the HAL1x and the other equipment. First, it keeps the mic lines short, preventing 12 audio cables in conduit or under the carpet to the rack. Second, only one CAT 5e (or better) cable runs from the EXP5x to the HAL1x in the closet, reducing or eliminating conduit, and simplifying connection and troubleshooting.

Two EXP7x AEC Expanders are in the rack with the HAL1x in the equipment closet. Each EXP7x provides eight channels of AEC, so two are needed in this application, leaving a few spares.

The podium provides an easy control center, with a DR3 remote to adjust all the room audio levels. This sets the volume of the podium mic, aux input, far-end input, far-end feed plugged into the remaining HAL1x inputs, and could control any other device (background music, etc.). The RAD27 connects to a USB port on a laptop, providing simultaneous audio input and output for Skype, Webex or GoToMeeting for far-end exchanges. This example sends the far-end feed to the ceiling speaker over the table.

The HAL1x outputs drive four audio channels, left, right and sub around the presentation screen, and the ceiling speaker over the table.

See the Halogen Processing Map for this Boardroom Example.

Conference Meeting Room with AEC Wiring

Skype is a trademark of Skype. GoToMeeting is a trademark of Citrix Online LLC. Webex is a registered trademark of Cisco.