Mongoose Application: Kipling College

CobraNet Bundle to CobraNet Bundle

This example application illustrates the benefits of the Mongoose's ability to aggregate audio channels. In this example, we move to the campus of a small college – Kipling College. To help focus, we highlight a small portion of what would likely be a much larger audio system. The college has just built a new student union building (the Rudyard Student Union) and student cafeteria (the Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Cafeteria). They want an audio system that sends miscellaneous music and television signals to various zones within each building as well as a microphone paging system that serves both locations. The specific requirements are:

Rudyard Student Union

  • Two page microphones.
  • Nine audio zones.
  • Receipt of signal from music and television sources provided to the college.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Cafeteria

  • Two page microphones.
  • Four audio zones.
  • Receipt of signal from music and television sources provided to the college.

Rack Room: DSP box(es) that handle microphone mixing, zone processing, and receipt of music and television signals.

Mongoose College One Line

One-line drawing for Kipling College music and paging system

To handle these requirements, the contractor decides to use two DSP boxes – one handles the eight incoming music and television signals while the other handles the microphone mixing and zone processing. Inputs to the zone processing/microphone mixing DSP box are limited to two CobraNet Bundles. One of these Bundles is used for receipt of the music/television channels. This leaves only one Bundle for receipt of the microphone signals from both the student union and the cafeteria. Without the Mongoose, this would be impossible and an additional DSP box would need to be purchased. Using Mongoose technology, however, you can combine the microphone signals from disparate locations into a single CobraNet Bundle, eliminating the need for that additional DSP box. The floor plan drawing illustrates how this is done:

Mongoose College Plan

Floor plan for Kipling College music and paging system illustrating Bundle aggregation

Mongoose College Shop Drawing

Shop drawing for Kipling College example application illustrating Bundle aggregation

This example uses two Mongoose devices and, therefore, requires two configuration files. The files may be downloaded here: rudyard.mgs and rikkitikitavi.mgs. Following are screen shots of the configuration's main window for each configuration file, including the routing matrix:

Mongoose Tracker for Student Union

Figure 41: Configuration for Mongoose A in Rudyard Student Union of Kipling College

Mongoose Tracker for College Cafeteria

Configuration for Mongoose B in Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Cafeteria of Kipling College


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