Application: St. Dawkins Church

RAD to RAD Tie-Line Using a Single HAL or Mongoose

This example involves the Saint Dawkins Church, which has a congregation of about 2000 people. The main sanctuary of the church holds 1300 people, so there is occasionally an overflow problem. It happens rarely, however, so the church board has decided against the expensive proposition of enlarging the sanctuary. Instead, they want to use the large meeting room in the church school building across the street to house overflow congregation members. They plan to install a projection system that will transmit the audio from the sanctuary to this meeting room.

RAD technology is perfect for this situation. Since the meeting room is across the street from the church (and the source of the audio signal), installing analog cables could prove problematic. Even with the addition of isolation transformers, there is absolutely no guarantee that the sound quality will be suitable. The church board would definitely be hearing a few complaints from members who had to sit in a room across the street and couldn't understand a thing that was said! The digital signal solves this issue completely, delivering clear sound to the poor folks who slept too late to get a church seat. The signal travels directly from an input RAD to the Mongoose or HAL to an output RAD in the overflow room.

Mongoose Church Tie-Line

One-line drawing for Saint Dawkins Church tie-line application

Mongoose Church Plan

Floor plan of Saint Dawkins Church tie-line application

Note: In the above situation, you may be tempted to place another Mongoose in the overflow hall and use a wireless network to connect them. Wireless CobraNet communication is currently not supported, however, so this solution is not possible.

Church Shop Drawing

Shop drawing for Saint Dawkins Church tie-line application

For the Mongoose

The Mongoose configuration file for this example application can be downloaded here: saint_dawkins.mgs. Following is a screen shot of the configuration's main window, including the routing matrix:

Mongoose Tracker Screen for St. Dawkins Church

Configuration for Saint Dawkins Church tie-line application


Rane Mongoose