Rane Mongoose in the Arnhem Town Hall

Arnhem Town Hall
Arnhem Town Hall

The conferencing system in Arnhem's Town Hall uses seven remote audio devices and a Rane Mongoose. The system was designed by Geert Snijkers (Electric Sound) and installed by PIEËE Solutions.

Rane's distributor in Amsterdam, Geert Snijkers (Electric Sound) -- working with PIEËE Solutions (Apeldoorn) -- completed a recent renovation of the sound system at the Town Hall in Arnhem.

Management of the Town Hall wanted full control of the hall's cameras for Internet broadcasts of Town Hall events and meetings. They also wanted to include two "commisie kamers" (smaller rooms) in the system.
Geert and PIEËE developed a system based on CobraNet, with two Biamp Audia Flex. To include the audio signals from other rooms and locations, the designers selected the Rane Mongoose system.
The new system includes the following products: 2 Biamp Audia Flex; 2 Beyerdynamic MCW-D wireless conference systems; 12 Beyerdynamic Opus 900 wireless microphones; and the Rane Mongoose with RAD2 and RAD3 units.

The Mongoose and Mongoose Tracker Software work with Remote Audio Devices (RADs) and a CobraNet network to deliver digital audio to the “last mile” of installations – up to 100 meters between the equipment room/rack and remote spaces.

The Mongoose's 32-by-32 digital audio matrix router receives its first 16 audio channels from up to eight RADs via the eight rear panel 8P8C (RJ-45) Remote Audio Device ports. The second 16 matrix input channels come from two eight-channel CobraNet receive (Rx) Bundles via standard CobraNet Primary and Secondary/backup ports. The 32 matrix router outputs transmit 16 channels to eight RADs and 16 more channels to two CobraNet transmit (Tx) Bundles.

Using the Mongoose Tracker, users can configure each Mongoose RAD port with the RAD model that connects to it. Users can also configure various settings for each RAD, for the Mongoose itself, and for the CobraNet network.

Geert Snijkers, Product Manager with Electric Sound Benelux B.V: "We needed to get the audio signals from the smaller rooms, the big hall, and the mics in the big meeting room -- all via CobraNet. We were able to accomplish this elegantly -- maintaining the highest audio quality -- with the Rane Mongoose system. With Rane, we were able to minimize installation costs for the CobraNet system, and now we can expand or modify any way we like to in the future."


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