Level 200 - Complex Audio Systems:

Board Rooms, Paging Stations and Expanding a System

Available: ONLINE FREE
Duration: 60min (divided in approx. 5x 12min video lessons)
Test: Online Quiz

  • Learning Objectives:
    At the end of this level students will be able to design more complex audio systems, using paging stations, integrate logical +- 5V external devices to the configuration and expand an existent system.
  • Hardware Concepts:
    RAD26 Remote Audio Unit, AM1 Automixer, Sense Microphones, Switches, Projectors, Lights, etc.
  • Processing Blocks:
    Ducker, AGC Auto Gain Control, ANC Ambient Noise Compensator, Feedback Suppressor, Voice Detect, Gain Sharing Automixer, Logic Ports, Linking, Paging Stations

Halogen Training - L201: Meters on the DR6 Touchscreen and Web Remote

Split your signal with a Source Wire Tag, connect the Destination Tag to 3 Voice Detect blocks and set different Thresholds to trigger Coloured Lights as an Active Status Toggle on your Control Page Designer.

Halogen Training - L202: Design a Paging System Using a Microphone

There are several ways to send announcements and do effective message communication with Halogen.

Halogen Training - L203: Scheduled Events: Reset Parameters Every Day

To automatically reset your Levels, EQs and other settings back to the initial parameters, use a Scheduled Event linked to your Baseline.

Halogen Training - L204: Scheduled Event: Happy Hour Volume Boost and Relay Out Neon Light

How to create, configure and test a Happy Hour event with precise intervale and Presets automatically activated by the internal real-time clock.

Halogen Training - L205: GPIO Toggle Closure Contact Recall Presets

How to program the Logic Inputs on the physical DSP Processor to trigger Presets inside Halogen.

Halogen Training - L206: QR Code for Pages on the WebRemote

Easy for end users to open web control pages using Halogen’s QR Code Generator.