Halogen Software

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New in this release: Improvements to fan speed to ensure proper temperature control inside Terminal 1010X. Improvements to expansion bus link reliability. Improvements to text labeling on selector controls.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or greater (32 or 64-bit) with an Ethernet port.

The Halogen software application is your home for designing, configuring, and controlling your RANE DSP audio system. Halogen's easy-to-use graphical user interface simplifies the design and configuration process. With the free download, your system can be designed before any hardware is ordered!

The Halogen software manages global tasks such as discovering, connecting to, and applying configurations to RANE DSP devices. The interface is divided into two main sections: the Hardware Workspace and the Processing Workspace.

Halogen helps with the first step, determining which of the RANE DSP Multiprocessors is best to build your system.

Halogen Processing Blocks

Ambient Noise Compensator (ANC)
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

Misc. blocks
Delay: simple
Delay: distance
Delay: video
Signal Meter
Pink Noise: Simple
Pink Noise: Ramped
Pink Noise: Swept
Sine Wave generator
Voice Detect

Feedback Suppressor
Cut Filter
Shelf Filter: single
Shelf Filter: multichannel
Parametric EQ: single
Parametric EQ: multichannel
Graphic EQ
New! FIR Import
Crossover: 2-way mono
Crossover: 3-way mono
Crossover: 4-way mono
Crossover: 2-way stereo
Crossover: 3-way stereo
Crossover: 4-way stereo
Crossover: all-pass
Crossover: CD horn

Mixer: 2 to 80 inputs
Matrix Mixer
Gain-sharing Auto Mixer
Gain-sharing Auto Matrix Mixer

Selector: 2 to 80 inputs
Priority Selector
Router: 2 to 80 outputs

Acoustic Echo Canceling (AEC)
Conference Switchboard
Conference Room Combine
Compressor: Tracking
ANC: Tracking

Paging and Room Combine
Distributed Program Bus
Paging Station with 2-band PEQ, Compressor, Level
Paging Zone
Emergency Page Zone
Zone Processor with Priority Selector, Level,Paging Zone
The Room Combine block contains processors in this order:
• Gain-sharing Auto Mixer for a Mic Input.
• Mixer for a Line input.
• Sum for the Mic and Line Inputs.
• Selector from the Distributed Program Bus.
• Level control.
• Paging Zone.